Web Development

Today all businesses on the web have heterogeneous requirements and their marketing aims are variable. All online entrepreneurs are in search of optimized solutions, website is the basic tool to meet their business requirement. A well designed and developed website can be milestone for online business. ITblurb is web based solution provider to all businesses that want to earn more profit than before. Our team can dish up you a comprehensive solution at your request professionally. Scope of our solutions starts from a simple static website to a complex dynamic websites like internet applications, electronic business client-side/server-side scripting, web server and e-commerce.

Our team is expert in agile methodologies and fully aware of the modern trends that are coming on the surface in web development field. Our solutions are always user and search engine friendly .We design and develop a website with immense skill to introduce your business in areas where your business progress can be exponential.

Our all website are instantly indexed and ranked by the Google because of the following factors:

  • Responsive design
  • Good load time
  • Stunning layout with proper arrangement of the Objects

Because of these factors visitors will stay on your website. Light color scheme will capture the mind of the visitors and will make them to explore each page of your website. Finally your visitors will change into customers.

Our Approach

Our approach is very simple and practical. We first understand the problem. Then we design a solution that is very easy to reach the destination for a user that has less technical approach, for example our solution helps the visitor to reach any of page in one to two clicks. Because of simple approach we gain high results.

Our Working Process

Requirement Analysis

At this stage our team do utmost struggle to gather actual requirement of the user with great research. Sometimes a simple prototype is made for the understanding of the users and technical research to understand the actual requirement.

Design and Development

Here we select the DBMS for back end and tool for front end to forward towards actual problem. Here website is ready and we check functionality of the website with dummy data.

Quality Assurance

At this stage we check either our website is either performing the intended tasks for not. Moreover our website is either compatible with all the available browsers or not.

Launching the Website

In this step the application is launched for end users by removing all bugs from it.


We are available to you round the clock and round the year. Just call or email us, you will get our quick response.


For back end we prefer to use SQL Server and for Designing and coding, we often prefer, Photoshop, HTML5, Php, Jquery, Vb.Net, C# .Net

Let’s Work Together

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