Modern Web Design by ITblurb

Web Design is process in which aesthetic ideas are collected and implemented according towell-defined set of principlesfor a specific purpose. The various areas that define the scope of web design are interface design, web graphic design; authoring including codes that are written according to a standard and prosperity software; user experience design and search engine optimization. In other words web design is related to client side that is front end of website.

ITblurb is a team of professional designers that cover different aspects of designs by having awareness of usability and if they are asked for creating mark up, they are proficient to work according to the web accessibility guidelines.

Tools and Technologies

Our web designers are adept in various tools depending upon which part of design they are working currently. When tools are updated, ITblurb manages training sessions for the designers to make their skill consistent according to new standards of software but the principles behind remain the same.

Our web designers are well skilled to work in the vector and raster graphics editors to create eye catching design prototype.

Our team is well familiar with W3C standards like HTML and CSS. So, we use technologies that are meeting W3C standards that can be coded from scratch by hand or generated by WYSIWYG editing software. Other than this various mark up validators are available in the market that is used according to the nature of the website. We also use testing tools to ensure our created website meet web accessibility guidelines.

Application of Skill and Techniques

Market Based Design

We design a web site by considering the marketing trends and our design may identify the interests of the target audience. We also happily work with the cultural web designs. Our designers always understand the type of website on which they are working for example the layout of B2B website is always different from the B2C website. With care aesthetic standards of websites are met for quality look and feel.

User Interface Design

Our team has enough skill to design a user friendly interface. Our user can reach to its destination on the website with one to two clicks. Our designs have

  • Professional layouts
  • Quality Labels

Because of this an interactive design comes to existence, in which a user with less experience can use the website with very ease

Page Layout

User Interface of the website is only affected by the page layout. In designing a website, our designer makes sure that website page layout remains consistent on different pages, when designing the layout. In page layout design, page pixel length is core area that plays very effective role in aligning the objects. For aesthetic view of a webpage it is aligned center for larger monitor screen. Web layouts are also kept consistent with web browsers windows.

Fonts and Styles

Our web designers are very conscious in using fonts and styles for web design. They prefer to use only those fonts and styles that are recognized by the main browsers to avoid the complications.

Narrow Color Choice

We always avoidusing too many colors in web design as use of too many colors in a web site creates visual distraction. In modern web design scheme it is recommended to use 2 or maximum 3 colors in their main design. Simplicity of color scheme in modern websites makes them more focusing and engaging.

Use of White Space

It is modern concept to use the white spaces in all types of graphics to enhance the beauty. White space is the empty area that is called margin between the contents and edges of the screen. Our team also uses white space in web design process by keeping in consideration the design of the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today a website is considered nothing if it’s design is not SEO friendly. There are things that are not visible to visitors but they work at back end that are MetaTitle, Meta Tags, and Meta Description. Because of these hidden contents all search engines instantly index the website.

Let’s Work Together

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