Software Development

ITblurb is software Development Company with its own team of developers based in UK. Our expert and professional developers are on the way to understand your technical and non-technical business problems and suggest you optimized remedy that can open new horizons of progress for your business.

Our software development has ability to streamline your day to day operations into rapid and very reasonable and cost effective process. Our team analyses your existing system and sometimes prepare a prototype to dig more functional requirement from your running business and finally deliver you all in one optimized solution.

We always want to save your money by developing software that can be integrated with your running software. It means that we can either work from scratch or can write solution that can be integrated with your running system.

Our team is expert in application of agile methodologies in software development.

Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications are those that can be operative on PC with Windows or Mac Operating System. These applications can be standalone or can run on Local Area Network without using any browser. No internet facility is required to run these applications.

Web Based Application

We have another team of expert programmers that can work on light weight applications for which there is requirement of internet facility. Such applications are called web based application. We are here to upload a simple static website to complex market place software. Our all web based solutions are secured and fully optimized.

Product Development

Today there are many online entrepreneurs that are interested to run their own product on the web and earn maximum out of them. We have dedicated team of developers that have experience to develop small sized products like lead generation software, medium sized product like Graphic Designing Tool and Complex products like live chat software. We have history to deliver before time solutions.

Database Systems

Our database developers are expert to write a code for simple inventory system to Enterprise Resource Planning Software. In this development we completely follow the SDLC and create a collaborative environment with the client to complete the intended tasks.

Mobile Apps

We are always versatile in development of Play Store and App Store apps. Our designed apps are very cost effective and very efficient in functionality

Programming languages that we use for our projects are
  • PHP
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Python

Let’s Work Together

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